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Andy LeCompte Shares Madonna’s Style Secrets

Bryon Williams, Nicole Richie, Andy LeCompte and Rachel Zoe.


After all the rumors about Nicole Richie and stylist Rachel Zoe, we were surprised to see the two posing for photos together at when we attended Andy LeCompte‘s West Hollywood Salon opening. Is it possible that LeCompte himself paved the way for a reconnection?

Regardless, LeCompte was so busying touring with Madonna, his salon went open for months before he could host a proper unveiling. Finally when he did, clients like Lindsay Lohan, Micha Barton and of course Nicole Richie all came out to support.

While Madonna was not on hand, LeCompte did reveal quite a few secrets of the popstar. We’ll share but first a little background – he opened the salon with business partner (and fellow stylist) Leanne Citrone,  the two hand picked everything from the “cute coffee cups” to the unique art on the walls by their favorite L.A. artist Paul Rusconi. The  artwork is vibrant and alluring on most every wall in the raw studio like salon, which is tucked behind L.A. fashion designer Jenni Kayne‘s store.

Andy LeCompte's West Hollywood Salon














The hosts, LeCompte, Citrone and Kayne, had candy bar stations equipped with everything from Lolipops to Hershey’s kisses and the washing station sinks were all filled with ice and champagne, poured by typically attractive Angeleno bartenders. In addition to candy and cocktails, guests were given gift bags filled with Joico hair products and some lucky goers also claimed their own House of Harlow headpieces, designed by Nicole Richie and sold in the salon. Nicole sported a gold one herself.

Other clients such as Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Kate Walsh and Fergie were not in attendance, but we’re told are frequent visitors. Now back to Madonna, if you want to get locks all sexy like her’s, LeCompte suggests adding texture by using Sunsilk Waves of Envy Sea Spray and then use either a Revlon 3 Barrel Jumbo Waver. Or if can’t get yourself an appointment to see LeCompte, get that sexy tousled look Madonna, Mischa and Lohan love, by using dry shampoo, a waterless way to freshen and restyle hair when you can’t indulge in a regular shampoo and blow out.

We took the advice and realized this was not only a great way to create that lusty look, but also a terrific soultion when you’re traveling, or rushing out the door with no time for proper primping.

Dry Shampoo Available at Sephora

Naturia Dry Shampoo by Rene Furterer, sold at Sephora is perfect to cleanse hair in minutes leaving it luminous and healthy with no water. The formula absorbs impurities and oil in the scalp with a high absporption power of essential oils that soften’s hair and will give you that “Madonna” look. 

Congrats to LeCompte, both talent and lovely, we could not be happier for his success!

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Posted on: March 9, 2009