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Small Town Style Headed for the Big City

Brittani Wills in Springboro, Ohio.

In a town of cookie cutter homes, a population just over 12,000, and where Friday night football takes precedence over everything else, you might not expect style to be to be on the minds of residents at all.  However, that’s not necessarily the case in Springboro, Ohio. While the latest fashion trends fresh off of the runway aren’t necessarily seen gracing the halls of Springboro High School or on moms at the school PTA meeting, personal style is still ever present here.

Magnolia's on Main shop in Historic Downtown Springboro.

Springboro is nestled in the Southern-western corner of the Buckeye state. The small town, founded by Quakers in the 1800s, is full of hometown pride. Downtown Springboro, which spans 6 blocks, includes a few quaint shops, historical buildings that were once a part of the Underground Railroad, and a drive-in restaurant that is a local favorite. Over the past decade or so Springboro has been made a gradual change from a rural farming town to a sprawling suburb. As new families move in to and make Springboro their home, they also bring a piece of the style and fashions from their previous towns, which contributes to the overall flavor of Springboro.

School-aged boy in graphic t-shirt from Pacific Sunwear and Aeropostale cargo shorts at local skate park in Springboro.

In a lime green shirt from Forever 21 and cotton shorts, this Springboro gal is ready for summer.

Springboro girl lounging in the shade in Aeropostale shorts and tank top, Converse shoes, and bright orange sunglasses from Forever 21.

Style in this midwestern town could easily be described as All-American. During the summer months when temperatures reach 100+ degrees and the humidity is almost unbearable, function definitely takes place over fashion. Shorts of all lengths and styles tend to be the most popular item.   Teenagers and younger residents like to have a little more fun with their looks, while the more mature crowd tends to keep it simple. Neon and other fun colors pop up in accessories and tops worn by those in the school-age crowd. Mixing patterns and colors also makes looks more playful and fitting for the age group. Older, high school and college students usually wear more classic pieces such as khaki shorts and basic tops. However, details in clothing such as ruffles or texture keep the looks from becoming too bland.

Staying classy and cool in twill shorts from Gap, American Eagle cotton top, and sandals from Target.

Springboro college student in shorts from Abercrombie & Fitch and a printed top.

Stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, and Aeropostale are crowd favorites in Springboro. These specialty retailers all offer basics that can appeal to a variety of  a variety of age groups and . Stores that offer somewhat trendier items, like Forever 21 and Pacific Sunwear, are also popular among Springboro residents. High fashion is not on the forefront of minds here, primarily because of limited access to stores like Barneys New York.

This Springboro High School student tries to beat the heat in a Hollister t-shirt and khaki shorts.

As I prepare to leave my hometown of Springboro and head to the Los Angeles area to pursue my career in fashion, I’m taking a bit of classic, Springboro style with me. I’ve watched my own style evolve during my 4 years in college from that off an 18-year old high school grad to a more style-conscious young woman. Writing for Style Seen Daily and being immersed in the fashion industry of L.A. will no doubt play a large part in my style in the future, but Springboro and the midwest is a part of me that won’t be left behind. Personal style is something that is constantly changing and no matter what city you’re in, there is something to offer.

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Posted on: May 15, 2010