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Jerry Weintraub Business Scene: A How-To Guide, Weintraub Style

When I Stop Talking You’ll Know I’m Dead

At 72, Jerry Weintraub is still at it. From observing in the William Morris Mailroom to blocking up the phones at MCA when Lew Wasserman needed to make a call, he changed the music industry forever in the 60’s with his firm Concerts West, managed artists, chaired United Artists and produced in his own style which created a new imprint in the Hollywood scene, but keeping one constant, using the telephone.

From time to time we have the privilege to become awestruck, this happened when I recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jerry Weintraub, an icon in the entertainment scene and someone who has, as Frank Sinatra – a onetime client of Jerry’s – would say “did it his way”. When our friend real estate tycoon Michael Meldman invited us to his beautiful development El Dorado in Cabo, I expected an incredible trip, but was thrilled to spend time with an extraordinary story teller and prolific leader.

Susie, Jerry & Jen Goldman

Jerry’s unique approach on life, which he openly shares in the book, inspires us to reach inside of ourselves and push for whatever it is we want, even if that changes day to day. “When I Stop Talking You’ll Know I’m Dead” has a slick style, helped by co-writer, Rich Cohen who profiled Jerry for Vanity Fair, makes it an easy read, and educates you on decdates of life and characters from Armand Hammer, George’s – Bush and Clooney, to second wife singer Jane Morgan, never divorced, yet gave blessing to his live in newer love (of over 20 years) Susie Ekins. A scenario even lothario Warren Beatty was publicy impressed by.

Jerry & Susie at CineVegas Ocean’s Thirteen Screening

His career achievements are still mounting, from reenergizing Elvis Presley, to producing Katate Kid (both the original and the recent remake with Will Smith), to managing Sinartra, Bob Dylan, playing golf with George Bush Sr. and building the career of icon John Dever, to bringing together George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and cast for Ocean’s Eleven (of course also having been friends with the original Rat Pack) – Jerry has done more in one lifetime than most dream to and willingly shares with us the details in hopes to inspire us to take on anything we desire. Even speaking at Creative Artists Agency to the assistants and signing books for anyone who comes his way.

Ocean’s on Hollywood Blvd

A self proclaimed “packaging guru” which he believes is all about creating an impression, even if it’s a spin. Relentless and full of endless suggestions, he is committed to creating whatever is necessary to get what he wants. His honest, yet defiant attitude has brought him much success, from a young age the moment he truthfully answered the question from the CEO of MCA about abusing phone privileges to speak with his girlfriend, later leading to a promotion, to bringing in inmates to pull out hundreds of chairs in a Florida stadium and then putting them all back in again just hours later to appease Elvis Presley and his commitments – to playing pranks on his fellow prankster friends with no expense spared, Jerry has a style that he created which continues to bring him great success and remarkable relationships with incredible people. Just check out the list of poeple he thanks in his books as well as the list he has worked with or represented.

His style is youthful, his charm is in explainable and he always manages to have fun while continuing to build, across decades of generations. Currently he is producing the Liberace biopic starring Michael Douglas as lead and Matt Damon as his lover, along with Steven Soderbergh. We salute Jerry and look forward to seeing the documentary about his life that our friends Alan & Gabe Polsky are currently producing – meanwhile Read The Book! – get inspired. We thank Jerry for giving us a glimpse of the total hilarious insane success he creates again and again. And to Susie, his girlfriend and sidekick, we are forever grateful to have been a part of their lives for those precious moments.

Jerry Book Signing

Kindly Jerry even signed books for all of the guests in Cabo who were interested in his book and his stories.

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Posted on: July 18, 2010