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TV Is Hot For Movie Actors

Robert Downey Jr. on Ally McBeal circa 2000.

Years ago, when an actor went from films to TV, people would generally chalk it off to their career being over. After all, why would an actor who was once making bucks on the big screen, shuffle pennies to the small screen? A general shift happened about ten years ago, where actors looked at TV to revive their careers. Robert Downey, Jr., for instance, had a career jump when he became a regular on Ally McBeal in 2000. Charlie Sheen was able to get more attention, first for starring in Spin City and then moving onto the hugely successful Two and a Half Men.

In recent years, most stars are finding their career push via paid cable, such as Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. Because of this show, HBO became the network to get your show on… following suit included Gabriel Byrne, Lisa Kudrow and Jeremy Piven. Showtime is definitely a close second in the huge celebs on TV arena, such as David Duchovny on Californication and Toni Collette on United States of Tara.

Sarah Jessica Parker as the infamous Carrie Bradshaw.

Speaking of Showtime, they’re expanding their roster with some familiar faces. Claire Danes is currently signed to star in Homeland, a drama about an Iraqi war veteran who returns home after missing for ten years, only to be suspected of plotting attacks on the US. Claire will star as a CIA agent, who heads the investigation. This comes on the heels of her successful turn as Temple Grandin, in the HBO original film. News jumps this week that Mandy Patinkin, of Criminal Minds & Dick Tracy fame will be joining Claire.

With TV being the new it-thing to do for Hollywood’s hottest, which star could be joining the team? There are so many out there due for a comeback. My vote is for Sarah Michelle Gellar… no matter how many years she’s been away, she’s still my number 1!

She slayed TV once, Sarah Michelle Gellar can do it again!

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Posted on: December 4, 2010