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Jared Leto: Just 30 Second To Mars

30 Seconds To Mars Rocked The Gibson Theater

In the vein of musicians-turned-actors, Jared Leto might be the most successful at doing both, he’s the lead vocals, rhythm guitar, and songwriter for the band 30 Seconds to Mars, but many of you might know him better for his acting. We were fortunate enough to attend the bands show at Universal Studio’s Gibson Amphitheater, where Jared literally had the entire house jumping up and down, singing and fist pumping. The energy in the room was magical, as per his every direction the crowd followed almost like a game of Simon Says.  Midway through the show he appeared center audience and did two solo songs with his guitar while encouraging the crowd to sing, to which they all seemed to do. Check out this video we found from gmlscorpio on you tube. It makes sense now why almost all of their shows are sold out!

Backstage Jared shared with us that he had just been in Abu Dhabi and experienced the “most amazing crowd of Egyptians, Palestinian’s, and Israelis’ and singing in harmony and dancing together, women wearing burka’s rocking out “ a pretty incredible statement of the power of music and his band, who are collective and public in their disdain for war and belief in peace.  Earlier we had seen the same passion when we sat behind a fan that had a Mohawk died blue, similar to a previous look of jared’s and a t-shirt with the bands logo which is an Argus Apocaphex: meaning “Hidden Giant” in Latin. Some say it may have to do with the bands belief in “finding the giant within”, or finding your light.

30 Seconds To Mars Fan

Jared seems very spiritually connected, maybe avoiding alcohol and drugs has brought him enlightenment, whatever the case, he has a very loyal following, including even his longtime acting publicist Robin Baum (who we were a guest of) and manager Jason Weinberg. Clearly he is very loyal and receives the same in return. He was feeling a bit under the weather so he kindly elbow greeted everyone instead of handshaking to avoid the possibility of getting anyone else sick, a thoughtful talented artist. We love it!

Jared’s acting career began on My So-Called Life as the main love interest of Angela (played by Claire Danes), but he also contributed to the soundtrack of the TV series.  He wrote the song “Kings  & Queens” which can be heard on the soundtrack for the film Syline, as well as “A Beautiful Lie” in The Double Hour and “Echelon” in Sol Goode. His first released film was How to Make an American Quilt starring alongside actress Winona Ryder. Many more film’s followed including The Thin Red Line, directed by the renowned Terrence Malick, starring Sean Penn, Woody Harrelson, John Travolta, Nick Nolte, nominated for seven Oscars.

Jared also stared in James Mangold‘s Girl, Interrupted, David Fincher‘s cult classic Fight Club, American Psycho, and Darren Aronofsky‘s Requiem for a Dream – where Jared went to extreme measures to prepare for his role as a heroin addict. Oliver Stone cast him in Alexander, and later he again went to extreme measures of  massive weight gain to play Mark David Chapman, infamous murderer of John Lennon, in the movie Chapter 27. Famed photographer Terri Richardson photographed Jared before, during and after the weight gain, publishing images that shocked everyone.

30 Seconds to Mars is currently on their world tour, and Jared is also creating the documentary Artifact with Director Bartholomew Cubbins and his longtime assistant, turned producing partner, Emma Ludbrook. Emma also produced “30 Seconds to Mars: The Making of “The Ride” a TV movie about the guys and the band.

To keep up with the guys, check out their official site:

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Posted on: April 12, 2011