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Stranger Change Her: Mary of Ontario

We picked lucky lady Mary of Ontario for our Stranger Change Her make over. The hard working mother and custodian, having just turned 40 was looking for a complete revamp. Style Expert Crystal Fambrini was happy to step in and help Mary turn 40 into fabulous. 

The first step to updating Mary’s look was her wardrobe. Mary typically stuck to a basic t-shirt and jeans that did not flatter or accent her figure.  With her 11 year anniversary approaching she definetley wanted something special to wear for her husband. We headed to Johnny Was and Love Culture to find the perfect wedding anniversary outfit.


This Johnny Was dress provided a bright color and a fitted drape that took Mary from frumpy to fashionable.

With wardrobe under control,the next step was Mary’s hair and make up. We almost couldn’t believe that it had been 10 years since Mary had a haircut. We headed straight to Carlton Hair to break Mary’s 10 year run. The stylist at Carlton Hair wanted to bring out Mary’s natural skin tone by lightning her hair and adding some warm highlights. We decided that long layers in the back and shorter layers in the front would give her hair a defined form and accent the shape of Mary’s face. Mary’s makeup was kept light and natural. We took a less is more approach when it came to the cosmetics and accentuated Mary’s eyes by using a dark smokey eye shadow.

Now that Mary had a new wardrobe, hair style and freshly applied makeup, it was time to reveal her new look and new found confidence to an in studio audience full of Mary’s friends and family.

Mary standing tall, a new look and new found confidence has this modern mom smiling

Check out Mary’s complete transformation below:


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Posted on: September 14, 2011