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Own Your Style, SSD Founders Share Theirs

SSD Founders Erica Cornwall and Crystal Fambrini. Photo By Randall Slavin.

Yves Saint Laurent said “fashions fade, style is external.”  And we agree, but  what does it mean to us?  SSD believes that style is individualistic.   Everyone has their own unique tastes and views on life, just because something is in “fashion” doesn’t mean it works for everyone, various factors including body shape, personal preference, budget, and lifestyle all determine style.  We truly believe “style” comes from within.  Your life philosophy can be reflected in your clothes, our outer appearance makes a statement on what our inner beliefs are.  People do judge each other on appearances when meeting, it is the first thing we are exposed to before a conversation, so we want to help prepare you to score high points.  We want to help inspire you to be the best YOU.  That is really the main reason we launched Style Seen Daily in 2008.

Don’t settle for clothes or style that no longer fit you properly.   Make the right statement.  Don’t settle for less than what you deserve, or make someone else think you do.  Throw out those clothes you no longer feel inspired in,  reflect on the statement you do want to make.  We’re not saying you have to look like you stepped out of a magazine photo-shoot, just own your appearance and be happy with it, this builds confidence.  Take a few more minutes to think about what you are putting on each day, as that’s how you will tackle the day.  Remove the options that don’t serve your image in the most powerful way and replace with choices that always make you feel good.

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Posted on: November 14, 2011