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Samuel Bayers ‘Transitions’ To Heal

World renowned music video director Samuel Bayer‘s eye for unexpected beauty is not surprisingly at it again. This time using visual art, and installations to help children heal. On the Rooftop of Hollywood’s Siren Studios, the Nirvana ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ director unvieled his latest project, Transitions, an installation featuring large-scale photos of beautiful butterflies around a giant man-made ‘cocoon’ with multiple screens inside playing his upcoming documentary film featuring, David Anguiano.

When asked about the project, Bayer tells us: “transitions is a stage in life. Its about transformation, its about beauty. The whole show is centered around this beautiful kid named David, who is the ambassador for The Art of Elysium which is a wonderful organization that helps disabled children learn about the arts.”

Samiel Bayer Speaking with guests about the show.

Using both photography and video in this mixed media event to tell the story of the young man David, who was severely injured at a very young age, and is followed as his trauma is conquered by finding himself in music, drama, writing, and directing.

StyleSeenDaily’s Crystal Fambrini speaking to documentary star and director David Anguiano.

David, with The Art Reserve’s Eli Consilvio, Transitions producer and Art of Elysium active supporter. 

Tim Burnet, and Melissa Joan Heart along side the man of the hour David, were amongst the attendees of the event that night. Dressed casually in a plaid shirt and black beanie, David seemed very grateful, and a little overwhelmed by the positivity coming from everyone. “Its pretty amazing, a little crazy. Im not really use to it,” he told us.

The ‘cocoon’ installation.

Each butterfly print on display was for sale that evening, with 100% proceeds benefiting the art of elysium, and ranging from $900 dollars for the smaller ones and up to $5,000 for the larger scale ones. The  butterfly pictures are unedited, taken with an 1800 lens with a microscope in a studio in downtown Los Angeles. With only two or three copies of each butterfly, they really are great pieces to own for any collector.  Collectors can also purchase the edition of one archival pigment print for $9,000 that is 66 by 82 inches.

With the support of The Art of Elysium, an organization that connects actors, musicians, and artists in both Los Angeles and New York to children with medical issues, this magical event was brought to light. Samuel Bayer got involved with the group after his wife did charity work with them years earlier:”I always admired what they did,” said Samuel. “Art of Elysium came to me with the idea of doing this feature film. It all came together, we said, maybe we can sell some photographs, get a crowd together, maybe drum up some interest of the project.”

And that it did, with an amazing event that garnered a full crowd of some of LA’s finest who no doubt will also be looking forward to seeing ‘Obey’ founder and living street art legend, Shepard Fairey’s 9 foot art installation to inspire at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Opening night  of ‘Transitions’ was both heartwarming, and a reminder that sometimes art is more than just a photograph or painting on a canvas and can really help heal.

StyleSeenDaily’s Ruben Gonzalez in Front of one of the prints

To learn more about  the art of elysium, check out their website

For more information on pricing and availability, contact:  Eli Consilvio, The Art Reserve,  Tell Eli Style Seen Daily sent you for a special treat.

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Posted on: November 1, 2011