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Need Inspiration Today? Meet Richie Parker

Born with a degenerative limb disease, Richie Parker overcame being born without arms to become a designer for Hendrick Motorsports. Recently ESPN did a great interview on Richie, click below to watch it. If you think you’re having a challenging day or situation, take a moment to realize how much more difficult Richie’s days are than your average person, yet how incredibly successful he has become anyway. The video explains how his parents, right from his birth, decided he will do everything that any of the other children could do, they designed things that made his life more livable, their creativity and positivity created space for him to learn to do “normal” things on his own. A remarkable at-testament to how truly inspirational human beings can be and how believing in possibilities and taking action towards what you want, disregarding circumstances as setbacks and instead seeing them as a puzzle to solve, can make miracles and magic happen.

A very special thanks to Richie for proving that anyone can achieve greatness, after his 10-week internship, Hendrick Motorsports gave him a full-time job as an engineer, which lead to a win-win for him and the NASCAR team he works on.

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Posted on: August 2, 2012