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The Hollywood Halloween Scene

Adam Levine had his annual Hollywood Halloween party at the infamous Hollywood Cemetery

Halloween in Hollywood. There is nothing like it.  The town is filled with thousands and thousands of actors who are just dying for the chance to perform, so a holiday that requires playing a character is obviously popular here and there are tons of options.  West Hollywood hosts thousands on its closed Santa Monica Blvd where costume is mandatory, performances are a plenty and a parade travels through the city.  Locals and tourists photograph all of the action and in recent years make the pictures viral in seconds.  The famed Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel turns the entire hotel into a celebration, Universal Studios houses a Haunted Maze, Knots Berry Farms turns into Knots Scary Farms, the Los Angeles Zoo offers a Haunted Hayride, and celebrities like Hugh Hefner,  Adam Levine, Kate Hudson, and B.J. Novak host annual parties — it’s nonstop and amazing.  Here are some of our past Hollywood party Halloween highlights to help inspire you for this spooky holiday.

Adam Levine’s Annual Hollywood Party

Adrian Muznich As A Clam

Yup, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine hosts his an annual Halloween party in different places throughout the city, last year it was a cemetery.  It’s spooky, and doesn’t feel right dancing on graves, yet sometimes doing something wrong feels right and it’s Hollywood so of course it’s odd.

Actress Rose McGowan with Crystal at Adam Levine’s party.

It’s the man with the red balloon! Wait, isn’t that…

Gary Mantoosh – Vampire, Carlos Lopez – Neverwood High Player & Erica Cornwall

The Magician’s House

Another annual Halloween party takes place at the famous Houdini Home.  Guests drink by the pool, a DJ is in the house where it is filled with dancers, and of course magicians are roaming around the fire outside playing really good tricks on partygoers.

Houdini’s Mansion.

What’s Trending Host Shira Lazar and Executive Producer Damon Berger as Avatar at Houdini’s Mansion.

The Mario Brothers at Houdini Mansion.

Private House Party’s

We can’t forget about all the elaborate priavte events that happen all weekend and all night long throughout Los Angeles too.   Real Estate Mogul and Producer Michael Meldman and Fashion Broadcast Expert Rachel Zalis also co-hosted a spooky gathering Friday before Halloween, making a decision to turn it into an annual affair after the fun everyone had.  It was a over the top decked out spooky affair with dancing, photobooths, tons of cheerful party goers celebrating till wee hours of the morning in Beverly Hills.

Ashlie Johnson, Jen Goldman, Mike Meldman, Erica Cornwall & Will Meldman

Jason Pomeranc, John Mason and Adam Bernhard

Alan Polsky, Erica Cornwall, Kenna, Natalie Lent-Bruss & Chris Bruss with guests at Meldman/Zalis Party

Entourage Producer & Co-Creator Steve Levinson & Erica Cornwall

Erica Cornwall, Scott Stuber, Mike Meldman & Alana Kleiman

Erica Cornwall, Producer Marty Bowen & Starworks SVP Catherine Bowen

Following the Meldman and Zalis production, and after plenty of rehydrating and rest, the next evening, Saturday, was Kate Hudson’s bash at her home on the west side of the city.  Her house was decked out like a Halloween movie and filled with tons of festive cocktails, treats and guests.  Everyone spent the majority of the night on the dancefloor, but we have a few photos that might spark ideas for costumes.

Rachel Zalis, Tucker Tooley, Erica Cornwall, Carter Reum & Robin Baum On the danceloor at Kate Hudson’s

Muscian Ray Brady, Kate Sumner & Erica Cornwall

Ashlie Johnson, Robin Baum, Erica Cornwall, Emily Montague & Kenna

Some CAA Agents threw a Halloween bash in Trousdale Estates, an annual affair that they rotate locals in the hills, every inch of the home was decorated with clever scenes from horror scenes to spooky cemetaries.  We ran into hundreds of guests in elaborate costumes and danced with them till the early dawn. Crystal and Erica fell in love with a huge teddy bear in the end before heading home.

Nick Adams, AJ Dipersia & Erica Cornwall

Atmosphere at the house party.

Inside one of the bedrooms turned surgery room.

Crystal & Erica cuddling up to a new friend at Joel Lubin’s Party.

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Posted on: October 28, 2012