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Literature Inspired Fare


Caulfield's Mural

Los Angeles, or say Beverly Hills, is not usually praised for its intellect, but if you know anything about American Literature then you know who Holden Caulfield was.  For those of you who might have missed that history lesson, Caulfield was an icon to teenagers in a James Dean type rebellious way, so it makes sense that in the building once known for being the spot of wheeling dealing literary agents stealing top talent from one another while throwing back cocktails mid-afternoon and breaking all of the rules in so called “Agent’s Row,” now Thompson Beverly Hills hotel, would be called Caulfields.  The founders of the popular Magnolia restaurant in Hollywood co-created this new space in a partnership with New York based Thompson Hotel Group and its youngest partner, and founder, Jason Pomeranc.

Caulfield's Co-Owners

To challenge your literary intellect the cozy bistro also has a mural painting inspired by the famed scribes, directors and Hollywood moguls of the McCarthy Era.  Famed names of the past like Edward Dmytryk, Herbert Biberman, Howard Lawson, Charlie Chaplin, Jack Kerouac, Ring Lardner, Jr., J.D. Salinger, Arthur Miller, Fritz Lang, George S Kaufman, Dalton Trumbo, were the real inspiration beyond just Caulfield himself, all included in the definition of sophisticated rebellion and designer Jim Walrod got it right on the spot when he recruited Art Tech Decor and Japanese graphic designer Aya Kawano to render the works. The Freedom Fighters are not forgotten here.

We dined on the a beet salad, Tomahawk chop, Magnolia Mac ‘n Cheese, and blueberry-lemon ricotta pancakes with homemade bourbon-maple syrup. It was not too long before co-owners Ron Marino and Laurie Mulstay both came by to make sure we were enjoying our meal and could not have been more gracious hosts, as always Laurie was non-stop with her ever busy schedule of running three restaurants and making time for her non-profit work. We love Laurie!

While enjoying some homemade salted carmel’s Laurie dropped off, we took in the exposed white-brick walls with painted plants reminding us of the Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel and the big booths were perfect for hiding out.  It’s been about a year since this spot opened up, and they enjoyed a busy summer with the “Above Beverly Hills” rooftop for hotel guests, members and friends of Caulfield’s, now that its fall guests seem to gravitate towards the mezz level lounge after a hearty meal, but it surely seems that this is a spot here to stay.

Caulfield’s is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Located at 9360 Wilshire Boulevard at Crescent Drive. Valet parking is available at the Thompson Beverly Hills hotel entrance (on Wilshire). For reservations, call (310) 388-6860.


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Posted on: October 17, 2012