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It’s Never Too Late To Vision Board

A vision board is your personal collection of your values, goals and dreams illustrated through pictures.  We are in the age of technology, so I don’t expect you to have a stack of magazines waiting for you to dig in and cut out photos that inspire you to then tack on a cork board.  But I do expect you to take the time to visualize your wants and needs, differentiate the two, and start compiling a list of things you want to do, where you want to go, and how you see your future.  Not only is it important to figure out in your head what you want from the world and how you are going to get it, but it is also needed to have a visual reminder. And with a digital vision board you really have no excuse not to try it.  Don’t have any magazines? A digital vision board can be made by searching the web. Don’t have time to create your visions?  Well an app lets you visualize while waiting in line for lunch, on hold talking to credit companies — you get the point, make it happen.  Vision Board Deluxe is compatible with iphone, ipodtouch, and ipad.  It costs $0.99 and can help you be the daily visual reminder you need to make your dreams a reality.  Own your visions, put them down in a digital vision board, and look at it whenever you need too for that extra push.

A vision board is a tool to help you envision with greater clarity what you want from life.  Don’t clutter your life with a zillion images, really take the time to think out what you want and be picky choosing photos.  If there are too many photos, it becomes hard to focus.  Keep your vision board clutter free.

Make sure you think out what you really want and only put images that you are clear about.  Do not pretend to want something that you think you should have for some reason or someone.  Pick photos for YOU and not for anyone else.  A vision board works off the laws of attraction with “like attracting like.”  If you have photos that you are confused about on your board, then you are just adding more confusion.  Be clear with your intention.

Keep the digital app on your cell phone’s main page or on your computer’s desk top.  Your vision board is to remind you of what you want, and therefore it needs to be in your vision.  Keep your vision board in a place where you will see it often.

A vision board is just the first step to achieving your goals.  After you create a visual reminder of your wants, you need to then sit down and create a list of action points outlining the steps on how you are going to make sure visions a reality.  It’s great to be a dreamer but you also need to follow up your dreams with hard work to make them a reality.  Don’t just look at the photos, use the photos to help you take daily action.

Also, if you find yourself loving the vision board and really benefiting from its use, you can also make what I call “sub vision boards” that dive into one realm of your vision board.  Sub vision boards include a relationship vision board, money vision board, and health vision board.

Take some time for yourself to create a personal vision board, you’ll discover the time you set aside to focus on making your life intentions more clear will bring you inner peace and self confidence.  Keep your intentions precise and clear, look at your board often, take daily action, and feel good knowing you are on the path to creating your personal happiness.

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Posted on: January 4, 2013