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How To: Get The Perfect Red Lip

speak with your lips

Our lips are the first thing that stand out on our face. We use them to communicate every day. So why not let your lips do the talking without saying a word.

Lips 101

Step 1: Exfoliate


First step to get the perfect lip is to exfoliate all the dead skin off your lips.

This will allow the lipstick to apply, wear, and look better all day for you.

Brands that have good exfoliants:

1. Bite Beauty: Fruit Lip Scrub

bite beauty fruit lip scrub

2. DuWop: Plumping Paste

duwop plumping paste

3. Fresh: Sugar Lip Polish

fresh lip polish

Step 2. Prime


Priming the lips will fill in fine lines and add a base for the lipstick to attach to. This will help your lips to wear longer as well as keep it from ‘feathering’ (bleeding out of the lip line).

Primers that I like to use:

1. Bite Beauty: Line and Define Lip Primer

bite beauty line and define lip primer

2. TooFaced: Lip Insurance

too faced lip insurance

3. Urban Decay: Lip Primer Potion

urban decay lip primer potion

Step 3: Outline

outline lips

Outline the lips with a lip liner that is similar in color to the lipstick you will be using. It is best to start at the top ‘cupid’s bow’ or ‘humps’ of the lips and blend the corners.

Universal Red Lip Liners

1. Makeup Forever: Aqua Lip 8c & 9c

makeup forever 9c lipliner

2. Urban Decay: 24/7 Glide-on Lip Liner Gash

Urban Decay Lip Pencil Gash

Step 4: Lipstick


Apply lipstick all over lips making sure to blend it into the lip liner underneath.

Best Sellers for red lipsticks:

1. Nars: Red Lizard

nars red lizard

2. MAC: Russian Red

mac russian red

3. Sephora: Rouge Cream Lipstick R05 & R04

sephoa r05

Step 5: Contour


Apply darker Lip liner or Lip color to outer edges of lips and blend toward the center of the lips, fading the color as it reaches to the middle.  You want it to look well blended and go from darker to lighter in the center.


Darker Lip contour colors

1. Makeup Forever: Aqua Lip Liner 11c &12 c

makeup forever 11c lip liner

2. Mac: Lip Pencil in Brick

m.a.c. lip pencil in brick

Step 6: Lip Gloss


Add lipgloss to the center of lips.


Blend out lip gloss into outer lips focusing it in the center.

Lip Gloss Colors:

1. OCC: Lip Tar in NSFW

occ lip tar nsfw

2. Nars: Larger Than Life in Norma

nars larger than life norma

3. Hourglass: Extreme High Sheen Lip Gloss in Siren

Hour Glass Lip Shine Siren

Step 7: Highlight


Using a lighter shade of either lipgloss, concealer, or lipstick, dot it in the center of the lip. This will create a highlight point that will give a “pout” to the lip.


Blend out the highlight so it has an ombre effect fading from light in the middle to darker in the outer edges.

Highlights I use:

1. Occ: Lip Tar in Feathered

occ lip tar feathered

Step 8: Conceal


Using a flat concealer brush, conceal the outer lip line with foundation or concealer to clean up and define the lips giving them a clean crisp look.

finished lip

After blending out the concealer you have the perfect lips to do all the talking for you!

finished lip

Smile Gorgeous!

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Posted on: March 6, 2013