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Girl Talk With Art Of Elysium

Art of Elysium, one of our very favorite homegrown LA based charities started by the extraordinary Jennifer Howell, has incredible programs for artists and children. This year we were honored to attend the Girl Talk Fashion Show and graduation at The Los Angeles Children’s Hospital in the Saban theater.

Start of The Girl Talk Fashion Show

Girl Talk is an arts based self-esteem workshop established at the hospital to help girls (8-17 years of age) who have facial disfigurement and scarring due to medical conditions or trauma/injury. The girls attend an 8-week support program that uses an arts based approach integrating fine and performing arts into each session. The goal of the program is to improve self-care behaviors and overall management, as well as addressing adolescent social issues such as anxiety, self-esteem, communication, empowerment and positive self image.  This year Brent Bolthouse Dj’d as the girls walked the “runway” with their own style and support from their buddies backstage.  Actresses including Amber Heard, Kelly Osbourne, Rashida Jones, Nicole Travolta, Dakota Johnson, Jamie Lynn Siegler, Juno Temple, Kathryn Hayman, and Shenae Grimes were behind the scenes helping each girl prepare for the show.  None of the talent posed for public photos, only for private shots with the girls and their families, and lots of Twitter tweets, check out @theartofelysium to read more.

Topher Grace, a huge supporter of the charity, was on hand and posed for tons of photos as the requests of many families and teens, he could not have been sweeter. Kat Von D also came out to support. Every guest in the room was crying by how touching the story of each girl was, when the Art of Elysium showed their video which told each of the five steps of Girl Talk, everyone was clapping. Following each girls run way walk one talented graduate sang the song Smile by Michael Jackson, she pulled her buddy Kelly Osbourne up to help her with the final verse.

To learn more about Art of Elysium check out their website at – we encourage you to donate your time.

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Posted on: April 30, 2013