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Green Beauty Products




Green your beauty routine by ditching artificial ingredients and toxins.  Here are some of our Style Seen Daily’s favorite Eco-Licious environmentally friendly beauty products that will keep you a GREENista year round.

LUSH Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask

One of my fave beauty treatments is a face mask– LUSH Fresh Face masks are handmade with the finest essential oils, fresh fruits and veggies, deep cleansing clays and nutrient rich herbs. LUSH’s  BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask is a Locally harvested seaweed mask. This is so healthy you can even eat it! They actually use 7 pounds of nutrient-rich seaweed in each batch.  BB Seaweed is for exfoliating delicate skin without irritation. It’s a best-seller and known for turning rough skin patches into smooth and supple skin. It is only available in LUSH stores as they hand make it fresh and the pot it comes in are made using 100% post-consumer recycled materials. LUSH products and ingredients are NEVER tested on animals. LUSH are  fresh, handmade, fair trade, ethical, & eco-friendly.


Apteka Natural Argan Oil

Apteka Natural Argan Oil is a Certified ORGANIC oil. “Certified Organic” means the item has been grown according to strict uniform standards that are verified by independent or private organizations.When it comes to our beauty we want to be using non-harmful products.  Just like its important to watch what we eat, it’s just as important to be aware of what we are putting ON our skin. Argan oil hydrates and nourishes the hair and skin. It can help your skin and hair become smoother and softer. As well as protect from the signs of aging such as fine lines.

Emani Vegan cosmetics

Skin is not a solid barrier – it’s a penetrable organ that can easily absorb chemicals, especially with repeat exposure, many harmful ingredients found in cosmetics have been linked to cancer, infertility, and hormonal dysfunction. Emani Vegan cosmetics are all made in the USA, both vegan and gluten free they are even PETA certified.  The makeup was designed for the fashion-forward, eco-conscious, every-day woman who’s just as passionate about her Louboutins as she is about recycling. Free of talc, parabens (preservative), mineral oil, harmful dyes, petro chemicals, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, and other junk ingredients that are now found harmful.  So you can wear Emani and feel good as well as doing good.


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Posted on: April 22, 2013