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Our new crush: Linda van Leeuwan of Bombay Show Pig

Yes that IS a girl in the photo, she is our new crush, Linda van Leeuwen of Bombay Show Pig, and yes you read that right; BOMBAY SHOW PIG. Linda plays the drums, piano, percussion, and sings with a really un-girly yet feminine style. She is elegantly cool yet simple, sweet but you know she is no wallflower and should not be messed with. Of course she is Dutch, I’ve never met a Dutch gal I did not like.  Linda makes you wonder how guys are not throwing themselves onstage the way you see female groupies ogle the male rockstars.  Linda is half of the two part duo that makes up Bombay Show Pig,  Mathias Janmaat, her partner in music, (no they are not dating) whom she met while studying at the Conservatory in Amsterdam, is the other half. Originally they were doing a one-time project together but it turned into a long term relationship, their energy and talents together are something of magic, you just can’t not love them, they have very different sultry voices that compliment one another perfectly like a matching puzzle piece. Mathias’ writing skills and their co-creation of bringing the rock n’roll to life is ever evolving, from their show at The Roxy to a 2AM Silverlake Speakeasy, their sound pushes boundaries that they constantly expand.

We had the pleasure of spending some time with them in BlueMic’s House of Rock with Tyler Barth, joined by Bombay Show Pigs producer Simon Akkermans. After a few minutes it was like being in a trance, everything else seemed irrelevant, watching Mathias as he belted out the lines to the song he wrote with Linda killing it on the drums while singing along seemed out of a well scripted creative movie.


The team had just returned from a week long at South By Southwest and had picked up some really cool sound machines that they used to mix into their music and cause that unique almost undefinable sound. (Their sound man, and so much more, Martijn Jurjus helped with these crazy little hard to find devices, which was just a damn good time to see). Blue Microphone makes so many different mic’s and I never understood how incredibly different, even if subtle at times, each mic makes for the music. We listened to fifteen variations of Linda and Mathias singing the same line and voted on which we liked most, everyone had pretty similar choices, it was a really insightful experience into how precious every moment and machine is to create just one song.


We have a new love for Bombay Show Pig and can’t wait to see them back in Los Angeles, or wherever we might be lucky enough to be when they are too. Special thanks to Simon for encouraging us to stay awake long enough to travel to a deep Silverlake secret speakeasy with cocktails flowing well past 4AM on a random Thursday night. That was the best random night of music so far in 2013!  We certainly were not alone in our opinion of them, the crowd – who mostly they were new to – danced like crazy to every song for the hour set and were noticeably sad once the show ended.

The crowd was very curious how the duo came up with their name, like most girls we over-thought all of the possible reasons why and how, Linda told us simply, ” Mathias scrolled through his iPod reviewing favorite songs and artists like Lou Reed, his “Pig Light Show,” Prakash John, and a few others. He decided he liked Bombay Show Pig and even though I was concerned their were too many other artists using the word Bombay, after thinking about it for a few seconds it seemed cool and a good tribute to musicians we love.” Done and done, quickest band naming ever we suspect!

Check them out at and despite Linda not having any men drop their boxers for her, check out the pink panty and boxer dropping album available now. And if you are in the market for a microphone let us know and we will hook you up with Tyler, BlueMic’s are awesome!

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Posted on: May 14, 2013