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Gender Barrier Broken; Enter Pronoun

Ondriona Monty & Natalia Ramirez, Co-Founders & Life Partners

Enter Pronoun, is the very the first collection of the unisex makeup, created by makeup artist Natalia Ramirez, inspired by her passion for ambiguity. Her partner in life and business, marketing guru Ondriona Monty, first shared the collection with us in passing while we chatted “the new Myspace” (where she is currently sharing her genius) and we were intrigued.  Ondriona alone is a motivator and someone who I fell for as soon as we met and began connecting over opinions of the best of Los Angeles, but thats not interesting, Ondriona and Natalia are!  I was lucky enough to capture some of their time so we can learn more about their under one year old beauty brand.  “Enter Pronoun has been brought from concept to fruition with the undying desire to usher in a new era where beauty is re-defined and reclaimed by the individual.”

SSD: Where did the idea for Enter Pronoun start, and its naming?

Natalia: I saw a gap in the market for products that work equally as well for men and women. Whenever I did men’s makeup on shoots, I always used different products for them, and still wasn’t satisfied with the end result. That is when I started to think about creating my own unisex line. The name Enter Pronoun comes from a friend’s painting which depicts two unidentifiable figures kissing. I thought it was really cool to play with the English language alongside the products.

SSD: Who are your clients, consumers, and where do they usually buy your products?

Ondriona: We have a range of customers-anyone from men/women wanting to cover their imperfections, to actors, to people that just need a dope eyeliner. Ron Robinson at Fred Segal on Melrose in LA carries our products, as well as ODD in NYC. And of course our site, 

SSD: What has made you feel most proud for having your products?

Natalia: I have a repeat customer who orders directly from our site, and she thanked me personally for my concealer palette. She told me that she had been battling with dark facial hair for years, and that this product was the only one that worked to help cover it naturally. This is so personal and so gratifying-to help people who are beautiful inside feel confident and beautiful on the outside.

SSD: What inspires you? Either personally or professionally?

Natalia: I think it’s really people that inspire me. I could say colors or fashion or whatever show from last season I thought was cool, but I really feel the most inspired when I hear a story about someone’s life that is different or brave or adventurous. I love analyzing people and hearing about them. Each individual brings their own little bit of magic into this world.
SSD: Who is your style icon?

Ondriona: Johnny Depp in and around 1994. 

Johnny Depp, 1994 “the Kate days”

Natalia: It’s difficult for me to answer that question since I grew up worshipping Marilyn Monroe, yet I definitely don’t dress like her. I do wear the cat eye (using my liner of course) every day. As for a more modern style icon I would have to say model Erika Linder impresses the hell out of me. She models both men and women’s apparel so beautifully, and accomplishes femininity as confidently as masculinity. She’s amazing.

Erika was the 1st woman to appear on the men’s board & models for both women’s & men’s fashion


Natalia: I think style is the way that we choose to translate everything intangible and vivant about ourselves into inanimate objects like accessories or makeup or clothing. It’s all about expressing what we wouldn’t necessarily know how to put into words.

Ondriona: Style is being fly without trying. Being able to kill it in a plain white t- shirt. 

SSD: What is the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome to start really going after this business and make it happen?  And what is the best advice anyone has given you that helped with your career?

Natalia: To be perfectly transparent, definitely the business aspect. I’m a creative, so things like business plans and marketing schedules tend to make me want to hide a little. Thankfully my amazing fiancée (Ondriona) has been there to help with sales and marketing. 

It sounds corny, but the best advice I have been given is to never give up. This industry is really rough and competitive, and having friends and mentors there for me holding my hand and supporting me has been a huge gift.

SSD: Do you have a mantra or a meditation you feel best describes your life philosophy?

Natalia: I actually have it tattooed on my back. It’s a quote by Roald Dahl, “those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”. It sounds really simple, but as adults we forget to believe in magic, and I truly feel that believing will get us through as much as possible.

Natalia’s Tattoo & Mantra

SSD: When you are having a moment of that devil we call defeat, what do you do to get yourself back on track and out of your funk?

Natalia: I am extremely blessed to have a life partner who throws me that proverbial rope when I need to hang onto something. I’m definitely spoiled in that respect. But when I’m alone and I’m so down that I can’t even express my fears to her, I begin to write. Writing has always been another medium for me to express myself, and it helps to take me out of that dark place.

SSD: What is the one thing you want your consumers to know, most importantly?

Natalia: That the product is incredible and that they will not be disappointed. That I wear my own products every day and that I’m not full of it. Most importantly I want them to know that I poured my blood and sweat into this line and that I’m right there with them.

Ondriona: She’s so badass. 

SSD: When you want to hang out, chill or party, what’s your favorite SCENE and thing to SEE?

Ondriona: We go to the Rusty Knot sometimes on Sundays, a super fun queer dance party by JD Samson– and we love Frankie Sharp’s Tuesday night party Westgay at Westway. For lounging we love the Soho House rooftop in NYC.

Natalia: Our favorite thing to see in NYC is the people and random street art. The city is so alive, so complete with its own pulse. We are constantly stimulated by people’s incredible styles and self-expression. In LA our favorite thing to see is family.

Thank you so much to Natalia and Ondriona for being our inspiration today, and keeping both guys and gals gorgeous! To steal a lyric from A$AP Rocky, “I love bad bitches” we do too and these two are our favorite!

PS – here are some rad guys who wear makeup on the regular, Guy-liner especially; Keith Richards, David Bowie, Steven Tyler, Johnny Depp, Ozzie Osbourne, Jared Leto, Marylin Manson, Russell Brand, Pete Wentz, Gerard Way, and every model you admire in any magazine like Natalia’s shoot below here

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Posted on: May 17, 2013