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How To: Throw A Great Gatsby Party


Theme parties are a fun way to have friends come together and enjoy the night.  Just because it’s a theme, doesn’t have to stress you out.  And we encourage you to throw your own theme event.  It’s a ton of fun and done properly, is very cost effective. With The Great Gatsby currently in theaters, Digital LA Founder Kevin Winston, known for his regular private theme parties, decided to have a Great Gatsby party for his birthday.  As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead.” —Meyer Wolfshiem

The first step in throwing a soiree is sending out the proper invites.  Kevin always sends out an invitation with some example costumes so people can be inspired about what to wear.  Below is the invite he put together for a Great Gatsby event.

A themed party doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot.  You just need to get creative.  For Great Gatsby, a string of pearls, or any pearl jewelry, and a basic monochrome dress will do the trick.  What’s Trending Creator & Host Shira Lazar chose a simple bright pink dress and kept her hair simple by pulling it back and adding pearl drop down earrings to represent the 1920’s era.  Also, take a visit to your local Goodwill and look for something with fringe for a flapper style that will be fun to dance in, to the tunes of The Great Gatsby theme track ofcouse. founder Carol Chavana found her black and my red matching fringe flapper dresses at our local Goodwill for only $8 each!


Also, you can go with just accessories rather than a full look for a theme party.  You can visit a fabric store and for a few dollars pick up a sequin strip of cloth and single feather to tie around your head to emulate a flapper or pick up a strip of fabric and tie it around a straw hat for a polished men’s look.

Don’t over complicate things. It’s all about having fun a costume can consist of a simple prop or being dressed to the nines.  The Great Gatsby highlights an era where men made sure to dress up in nice menswear and have either their hair slicked back or a hat to top it off.  A tuxedo will do the trick, but we certainly don’t expect many men to have this handy.  A simple white shirt with a tie or bow-tie works. We especially like how New York Times Best Selling Author of  Get The Guy and Relationship Expert Matthew Hussey, pictured below left center, chose to wear a three piece suit in the party theme colors of gold and white.

When throwing a theme party, decorations are a must to help get into the spirit.  A theme party is not serious, it is about being silly and dressing in costume and having a good laugh and wonderful time.  And you don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations either.  Since The Great Gatsby is known for abundance and wealth, Kevin felt the colors gold and white would help reflect that and used those 2 colors are our party theme’s color to help tie everything together.  He quickly decorated with gold and white and had such props as cardboard stars ($10 at your local party store) and balloons ($12.99 per dozen at the grocery store).


Kevin, pictured below, also kept the theme of gold and white with the dessert table (picking up some basic snacks and then chose to splurge on the present cake ordering it at a specialty shop). Happy birthday Kevin!


So old sport (Gatsby talk), we hope the photos from this The Great Gatsby theme party inspire you to throw your own!

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Posted on: June 5, 2013