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Eco Beach Babe Beauty

SSD Co Founder Crystal Fambrini on San Diego Living with Hot in Hollyood: Ecolicious Beach Beauty

Monday, May 20, 2013:   I kicked off my Style Seen Daily Ecolicious Beach Beauty media tour at San Diego’s CW featuring three great, and green, brands; Nourish Organics, Emani Vegan Cosmetics and Eco Swim by Aqua Green.  Being an eco beach beauty means taking care of your skin by feeding it yummy ingredients that’s healthy for you (Nourish Organic) , using the right makeup that will keep you looking fresh  without harsh chemicals (Emani Vegan Make Up) , and wearing eco friendly swimsuits made from recycled nylon, polyester and cotton (Eco Swim by Aqua Green).  So, let’s take a look at which celebs are making a big splash with us and find out more about these eco lines. Watch the San Diego Living Ecolicious Beach Beauty segment here:

Nourish Organic

Nourish Organic is organic food for healthy skin.  It’s made with 100 percent USDA certified organic fruits, veggies and plant extracts — that’s it!  There is no compromise with going organic. This line is formulated and made in the USA, is cruelty free and vegan.  It’s absolutely amazing and a little goes a long way.  Nourish Organic’s line of body lotions, body washes and body butters are a MUST HAVE for summer.

Actress Christine Taylor is the Nourish spokesperson and  is very passionate about healthy living and wellness.

Nourish body lotion alleviates dryness and retains moisture and the vitamin A and E provide anti-oxidants that help protect and reverse the signs of aging.  After a long day in the sun an eco beach beauty feeds their skin with Nourish Organic Body Lotion.

Nourish Organics and Emani Vegan Make Up.  We are giving away all the items pictured above.  Don’t miss out!  Click here to find out how to enter to win. 

Ermani Vegan Cosmetics

Ermani Vegan Cosmetics tagline is where green and glamour meet. Skin is not a solid barrier, it’s a penetrable organ that can easily absorb chemicals, and many harmful ingredients found in cosmetics have been linked to cancer and infertility.  The Average American women uses 12 personal care products a day which 126 chemical ingredients on a daily basis! Ermani Vegan cosmetics is an eco friendly cosmetics line, all made in the USA, natural vegan and gluten free makeup.  This is designed for the fashion-forward, eco-conscious, every-day woman who’s just as passionate about her Louboutins as she is about recycling. Free of talc, parabens, mineral oil, harmful dyes, petro chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and other junk ingredients.

Actress Michelle Rodriquez posing with Emani vegan cosmetics.

I especially like Emani’s bronzer and have been receiving numerous compliments on it which ofcourse makes me like it even more.  The make up feels so soft and luxurious putting it on – it’s very light yet powerful coverage and it will last all day under the blazing sun and because it is free of chemicals and made very clean it will keep your skin fresh and break out free — a eco beach beauty MUST is a fresh looking and clear fact and Ermani Vegan Cosmetics delivers that “wow.”

Both of my models are wearing Eco Swim.

Eco Swim

Eco Swim by Aqua Green line is made with every effort to reduce your carbon footprint in the sand.  From eco-friendly fabrics made from recycled plastics, biodegradable bra cups, and local sourcing. Styles include fun names like  “Eco Babe.”

Singer / actress Katherine Mcphee in Eco Swim by Aqua Green at Coachella in Palm Springs, CA.

Eco Swim also holds beach clean up days, to find out how to participate visit

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Posted on: June 25, 2013