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Escape to Korcula

Korcula, Croatia

The Adriatic Sea is loved by many for a reason, it is one of the most beautiful bodies of water on the globe and is so rich in history it would take a lifetime to learn about every island in it. The sea is home to thousands of small and large islands, unknown to most, but often being discovered by random exploring vacationers, so it made sense when we learned  the famous explorer, Marco Polo, was born on a tiny island Korcula in this very sea.  Many historians claim he was born in Venice, Italy, but most confirm he was born in a place once known as Curzola, which is today Korcula.  His father was a merchant, said to become quite wealthy from trading voyages, but was gone when Marco was born and most of the time, causing his immediate desire to travel and explore.

Eventually, after either many travels, or much hearsay from other explorers, Marco wrote the book  Il Milione, and spent his life traveling and discovering. It is said he is responsible for bringing Pizza to Italy, Indian spices to the Adriatic and writing books that later inspired Christopher Columbus to become an Explorer (museums hold pages from his book with Christopher’s notes on them).  The island has a small museum dedicated to Marco with original maps and writings from his family, all held in what is left of the very room he once slept. But the island is not all Marco Polo, its a gorgeous hilly place with incredible seafood, wines and cheeses, all locally grown or fished, fine art, dancing, live music, walking tours and simple spas.

Dinner with our incredible hosts & friends

The very best place to dine is Konoba Lanterna, a restaurant many generations old, the family keeps creating remarkable chefs who love to cook for their guests and put their passion into every item on the menu. We enjoyed fresh fish with the most delicious flavoring, it was so good the head remaining on the plate did not even bother me.

After perhaps a few too many glasses of wine, we stumbled back to our boat for some shut eye, but when we awoke our hosts booked us the most relaxing massages at the hotel they said was simply the best, the Marco Polo Hotel of course! Guests can enjoy in room massages, or in the spa area, there is a view of the sea from every room and if the saltwater becomes too much, they have a swimming pool too. Rooms are about $100 US dollars a night. Be sure to check to make sure any other hotels accept credit cards as we learned many of them are cash only, similar to their restaurants, often times because you are in such a remote area the computers do not work – so get ready to unplug and relax.

Korcula is the perfect place to escape if you seek sun, san, beautiful sea, warm welcoming people and a great culinary experience, along with walking tours and history dating back to before the Bible was written. A romantic journey, or fun with friends and family, Korcula is easy to travel to from the Split airport in Croatia or the island of Dubrovnik, by Ferry or by boat. For more information email us and we can connect you with a local travel agent who is well connected in all of the islands in the Adriatic Sea.




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Posted on: July 21, 2013