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5 Must Have Beauty Products For Your Make Up Bag

Here are my five  must haves for any your makeup bag:

#1 Beauty Blender

Bag the brushes, this little tool called the Beauty Blender will revolutionize your makeup bag. Use it for liquids, powders, and crèmes.

How to use: Get sponge wet and ring out excess water so sponge is damp.

Tip: Use solid soap to cleanse sponge before use so it is clean every time.


#2 Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer


Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer is a healthy primer that not only corrects redness and oil control but smoothes the skin and also includes SPF 15.  This product plays friendly with all skin types and is gluten free.

How to use: Apply one pump on fingertips and warm up product between both hands and pat into skin, then smooth out in one direction.

Tip: Make your own primer ‘cocktail’ and apply this primer in t-zone for oil control and then use a hydrating primer in dryer areas such as the cheeks.

 #3 TooFaced Shadow Insurance

Is your eyeshadow wearing off half way through the day and ending up creased on your eyelids? Then use this product, TooFaced Shadow Insurance, to keep that shadow where it should be and stop creasing and improve vibrancy of colors.

How to use: Apply a small amount on eyelid from lashes to the brow, smoothing evenly till blended.

Tip: If you mess up you can use primer as an ‘eraser’ to clean up mistakes and re-prep the eye to try again.


 #4 Tarte Amazonian Clay Setting Powder

This ‘Smooth Operator’ will smooth out any texture imperfection such as pores and fine lines. Got a little shine… No problem, Tarte Amazonian Clay Setting Powder will mattify your sine in an instant as well as make your foundation water resistant.

How to use: Tap a little powder in lid and use a ‘fluffy’ powder brush. Swirl brush in powder until it is blended into brush. You do not want to see powder on tips of the brush. Then press in a patting motion the powder into the skin to set makeup and touch up shine.

Tip: Apply this magic powder under your eyes before doing a smoky eye to avoid the fallout you get from the eyeshadow and brush away with ease.

#5 YSL Touche éclat Radiant Pen

Bring that radiant glow back into your skin and wakeup tired eyes with YSL Touche éclat Radiant Pen.

How to use: Apply to high part of cheek to bring out a radiant glow, under the eyes to brighten dark shadows, in laugh lines to make them disappear, down the nose to slim it down and on top of the brow bone to give an instant lift.

Tip: Pick a peachy tone to color correct dark circles before applying concealer.


Stay Beautiful!



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Posted on: August 26, 2013