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How To: Self Tan Made Simple

Now that summer is coming it’s time to show off those tan legs!

O wait…. I’ve been indoors this whole year and my legs are whiter than Casper the ghost.

So what’s all this talk about self-tanners? They seem a little intimidating to me with all the bad stories about turning orange, or smelling terrible or feeling sticking.

I found the BEST self-tanner on the market right now, Vita Liberata, and want to take you on a step by step journey to get my transparent legs ready for summer and giving off that golden glow. I like this one because there is no smell, no stickiness, and the tan lasts up to 3 weeks!

So don’t be intimidated because if I can do it… you definitely can!

First things first.

Prep Time

To prep your skin for self tanners you need to make sure your skin is freshly exfoliated.

The best exfoliant I recommend is called KP DUTY by DermaDoctor because there are no oils in it to make your tan slip and slide as well as it is a physical exfoliant with gentle beads and a chemical exfoliant with glycolic and lactic acid.  If you use another exfoliant just make sure there are no oils in it to make your skin greasy.

With this exfoliant you need to apply it to dry skin and massage it around in circular motions to slough off the dead skin.

Rinse off.

Dry your skin thoroughly.

Now with this particular self tanner, Vita Liberata, you do not want to moisturize your legs before applying. But make sure to read the label of whatever self tanner you are using.

This tanner has a mitt that I recommend using with it, which will save your hands from getting stained from the tanner.

Do 2-3 pumps on the mitt and start by applying the mousse and rubbing it on in a circular motion. Make sure there are no streaks and make sure to apply lightly on the knees and tops of feet.

It dries fairly quickly so no need to wait.

Depending on how deep of a tan you want, it says to apply up to 3 times waiting 3-24 hours between applications.

Here is a side by side comparison of just one application.

Here is after 2 applications.

I must say I am looking pretty tan and can’t wait to show off my legs this summer!

Stay Beautiful!

XoXo Lizzy

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Posted on: August 10, 2013