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Outside-In Repair: Mila Moursi Skin Care

It’s the start of summer so naturally almost everyone is on a cleanse, a detox or some type of extreme plan to look their best as fast as possible. I stumbled upon an article by our friend Rachel Zalis on the secrets of head to toe skin care from Courteney Cox. At forty-eight years old, Cox has better looking skin than most twenty-somethings.  I had assumed a plastic surgeon must have a lot to do with that, but I was very wrong, turns out she simply has regular visits to Mila Moursi in Beverly Hills. Naturally I wanted to see if my thirty-something-less-than-perfect-skin would also benefit from this magician, or if it’s really just good genes and photoshop. Meeting the French import Mila, I immediately admired her own skin, as well as her young daughter’s, who works the front desk and teaches clients Pilates classes as well.

Mila explained that in her country skincare and time spent at the spa is not considered a luxury the way it is here, its a necessity, like dental visits or haircuts.

Discouraged by the aggressive skincare practices and massage treatments of other American spa’s, Mila opened a true to French treatment center, and has a roster of loyal followers, in a wide range of ages, who all look at least a decade less than they are. Wanting to join that team and turn back time, I gave myself over to whatever she suggested based on my age, skin and lifestyle – she did mention I could drink more water too.

After my consultation with the master Mila, I was lead into my treatments, turns out that cleansing the outside of your body is just as important as what you put in, and during my two treatments: Detoxifying & Skin Conditioning or “The Classic” for the body and the Intensive Rejuvenation Treatment for the face, I began to understand why her clients keep returning. These treatments are usually offered as a series of six (1 x per week) and alternate week to week with specific elements of the body treatment. Detoxify and rejuvenate to attend the red carpet or special event, drink and eat in excess and repeat? Not really the program most people are on, but after the multi-hour cleanse, which included “Sudation” during the facial (meaning to sweat and detoxify), not only did my skin glow like a cosmetic advertisement, I also lost four pounds in under two hours, yes you read that right, FOUR pounds. The facial and purification wrap was followed by a lymphatic massage to further eliminate toxins and swelling followed by 20 minutes of Pressotherapy to reduce cellulite while contouring the body. While inspecting myself naked in the mirror I was suddenly less terrified to put on a bathing suit, so maybe I just might feel worthy of that two piece, I was amazed by the weight loss and just a few hours later, the twenty or so compliments on how radiant my skin looked made me beam from the outside in.

Turns out, Mila was right, the French really just might do it better. I strongly suggest you experience the treatments for yourself at the Mila Moursi Spa. If you’re not in Los Angeles, her Advanced Skin Care products are available in Barneys and on their website. Mila was the most kind, educated and well spoken woman in the beauty industry I had yet to meet. I certainly see now why it is rumored so many A-list actresses relay on her expertise, naturally this lovely French women would not share who those men and women are, but by a simply google search we learned not only about Ms. Cox, but Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Rachel Weisz, Vanessa Williams, Michelle Williams, Chelsea Handler and Jessica Biel.   Mila is also doing an amazing summer give away, of over $2000 Summer Travel Kits. Each winner will receive a one-week supply of a Mila Moursi customized ritual. Enter now!

 For more information on the Mila Moursi Spa and Skin Care click here to visit her official site.

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Posted on: August 15, 2013