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One To Watch: Artist Francesca Ramirez

Francesca in the studio December 2011 working on her first solo album.

Artist Francesca Ramirez is a triple threat in Hollywood (actress/dancer/singer), speaks three languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish), is a successful jewelry designer and CEO of Lucky Flirts Jewelry, and is on the way to world take over as an entertainer in the dance/pop/urban scene.

For her first single, she partnered with music producer Fuego whose produced for such artists as Chris Brown, Christina Milian, and Jason Derulo.  Watch clip of her first single coming out soon called “Wowy” here.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Francesca’s family immediately spotted their little girl’s natural talents, taking after her parent’s love and skills for the arts.  Her mom enrolled her in acting, dancing, and singing classes at age three.

It brings me joy and happiness. I love making people dance and smile.” — Francesca

Francesca growing up in Puerto Rico.

You can find Francesca in the dance studio and is now regularly posting her dance class routines, which of course we love. Here’s one of her videos with her choreographer “Jersey” from Pussy Cat Dolls:




She grew up imitating the dance moves of Michael Jackson and singing songs by Aretha Franklin, Madonna and Tina Turner.  And here’s the super cute videos:




Francesca is edgy, fun and sexy and exudes happiness and power. She’s tough and her resilience and determination is bar none. At age ten, she barely survived a devastating boat accident where the motor’s propeller ripped off 70% of her scalp. She spent two months in the hospital and it took eight years for her to recover.

Francesca with her father performing in his band in Puerto Rico.

A Sony Music Executive discovered her at thirteen years old while she was singing in her father’s band and offered Francesca what could be for many a once in a lifetime opportunity; a recording deal.  Francesca had to turn down the deal as she needed to heal.

As a teenager, Francesca snuck off to New York City to audition for P. Diddy’s MTV Hit Show, “Making The Band.” At the time Francesca did not speak English, but she could sing it. Against 10,000 girls Francesca made the show and Bad Boy offered her a Latin music contract. For the second time, Francesca said no because she is determined to become an International name.

She headed back home, earned a degree in Communications and became fluent in English and focused on writing English songs.

Francesca’s rock hard body is due to her commitment in fitness; she used exercise as an outlet for her frustration over her accident. She enjoyed getting in shape because it took the attention off of the scars on her head and onto her sculpted body.

She also found a passion for jewelry design and at age 20 flew to Florida to sell to retailers. In Miami, she met Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin who offered her a spot in the Interscope Records girl group “The Paradiso Girls.” Just a few short months later, Robin offered Francesca the lead singer position in “Pussycat Dolls Burlesque” and brought her to Los Angeles.

For three years, Francesca performed with PCD in Hollywood, and around the world, with special guests like Carmen Electra, Eva Longoria, Mya, and Paris Hilton.

Robin Antin, Carmen Electra and Francesca Ramirez with the Pussy Cat Dolls performing on tour.

Her Lucky Flirts Jewelry is now available in high-end boutiques across America and online with high-profile clients including many celebrities such as David Beckham, Gwen Stefani, Joe Jonas, and Randy Jackson.

In 2011 Francesca achieved her goal of becoming a solo artist. She now calls the studio her home as she creates her first album.

“Don’t give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking of,” is a quote Francesca lives by.

Francesca says she believes her “crazy personality” is what makes her unique and

I’m me 100%. What you see is what you get.  No more, no less.  I want people to relate to me, to trust me, and see me as an inspiration. In the near future I want people to say ‘she inspired me.

Francesca and I with friends at Thanksgiving 2011 turkey drive in Hollywood, CA.

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Posted on: August 14, 2013