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Viral Love Style

We all have our opinions about online dating, at SSD we feel whatever makes you happy, without harming others, is worth pursuit, trying new things included. You might be surprised to learn that over a third of recent marriages in America started on the web.  According to a survey published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, more than 19,000 web connections married between 2005 and 2012, and those couples are apparently less likely to split than those who met in a more traditional way.  This means almost 35% of all recently married couples connected online, roughly 45% of couples in monogamous relationships met on dating sites and the remaining connected met on online social networks.   USA Today reported paid a research company Harris Interactive to test their dating online claims, research that was published in the American Sociological Review. The study revealed 22% of newly formed couples had met online, and of 926 unmarried couples followed from 2009 to 2011, those who met online were twice as likely to marry as those who met offline. eHarmony allowed the information to be published regardless of the results, but those results (confirmed by analysts at Harvard) seem very optimistic for those serious about getting into a real relationship. Of course we all know plenty of people who use these sites as a way to “hook up” but what’s wrong with that if everyone is being honest?  Whatever your feelings are on the subject, good old fashion ways of meeting will never be obsolete, but this viral connecting that was once very frowned upon is now becoming mainstream.

After doing our own “research,” aka asking all of our friends and associates, we learned some interesting information. Most popular right now in Los Angeles and New York is the fairly new free app called TINDER, it links to Facebook and shows others (geographically desirable) three photos of you and you get the same from them, then you can quickly scroll through and see hundreds of images and hit LIKE, NO or just pass by without comment. Once you hit LIKE you can text message through the site and connect directly with anyone who has also liked you. A lot of people have made mention it is like GRINDER, another dating app very popular app in the gay community, it seems there are some negative thoughts that its just a “one night stands,” but we’ve talked to a lot of people who are in committed relationships with people they met via both.  The truth is, like anything else, its all what you make it. For people who find sites like or eHarmony too time consuming or artificial feeling, TINDER may be great because similar to seeing someone out at a party, or in line at the grocery store, we all tend to approach those we are physically attracted to. You still have to obviously meet in person and decide how much time you want to spend with your newly found connection, but our friends say this style works best for them so far.

Some other sites we have been told are favorites (in-order) including okcupid, LikeBright, Acquaintable and Blendr, all of which are currently free to users. Okcupid actually lets you know percentage wise who they think a good match is for you, not a ton of work for anyone on the go and it sounds like most people agree with the suggestions.  Paid sites like Jdate, Match and MillionareMatch were all mentioned but with varying reviews.

We did sign up for TINDER just to see what it was like and were surprised to find over thirty people we know (and love) using it, we asked around to both guys and gals we know using it, and all had great things to say. They felt it was fun, easy, and safe since the Facebook profile shares immediately if you have people in common, etc. and about 80% were looking for a serious relationship on it, the others were looking for a “summer fling” but either way we are glad there is another way for people to connect because the reality is everyone wants to find someone eventually.

Let us know any feedback you have or new sites out there, we want to keep everyone up to date…. Happy dating!


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Posted on: August 20, 2013