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How To Cook Without A Book, Book

“How to Cook Without a Book” book is essentially the classier version of “Cooking for Dummies” — and way less embarrassing to be seen in your kitchen cabinet.  Plus it focuses on providing you with the tools to make delicious meals without being glued to boring instructions and teaches you how to walk into a kitchen, scan over possible ingredients and, like our favorite fashion host Tim Gunn says, “make it work.”  You may have a bookshelf full of unread or partially used cookbooks on your shelf, given as helpful “hints” from family and loved ones, or even bought by yourself when feeling motivated to be the next Martha Stewart. Either way, “How to Cook Without A Book” by New York Times best selling author Pam Anderson is a MUST to add, or start, your collection.  This magical book is for all cooks, novice to expert, and provides tools to streamline your skills to make it easier to prepare delicious, and impressive, meals on the go. It eliminates the driving to 4 grocery stores before making a very specific follow the recipe to a tee dinner, and shows you simple basic ways to prepare a meal sans notecards.  In today’s world there are more food options than ever before, simplify your life by learning the basics so it will be possible for you to go to work, workout and then prepare a yummy and healthy meal with ease.  Click here to purchase. 

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