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The Future is Now: Sally LaPointe

Models in designs by Sally LaPointe for her 2012 collection.  Photo courtesy of MAO PR.

The fashion industry has always been infamously known for it’s hunger, the thirst for the newest, the better, and the unexpected. Countless reality shows have been based upon the very fact that the industry is a revolving door of models, designers, and trends ad nauseum.  It is this reason why when something is discovered made so purely of a creative revolutionary essence that the entire world sits up and takes notice.

Cue the entrance of one ‘Sally LaPointe’.

The designer herself seen here with the finale piece of her latest collection.

The designer herself, Sally LaPointe, seen with a model in her 2012 collection. Photo courtesy of MAO PR.

From the very moment I laid eyes upon this incredible woman, I knew there was a sort of arcane fashion magic within her. Her very essence tantalizes you with the promise of something monumental. She stood out from the crowd, her then platinum locks in straight shock of mane like some incredibly plumed bird of paradise. She teetered atop sky high platform heels as she danced to the retro music blasting at the TriBeCa Grand Hotel, a favored hang-out due it’s it’s close proximity to her design studios.


— Sally LaPointe

Her company was founded by her best friend and business mind Sarah Adelson, whom has the patience of a Buddhist monk in corralling the creative mind of the artist as well as defending her from the dangers that lurk within this industry.  Together they emerged on their own two feet starting from the ground up, rather than following the beaten path of interning for an established design house. Experimenting with neo-couture design techniques of her own invention, blending her painting background with clothing theory she has the ever elusive skill of creating wearable art.

Sally LaPointe and business partner Sarah Adelson, 2012. Photo credit: Ned & Aya Rosen.

She explains that everything she does comes from her own intuition and that she never realized that her conceptual and avant-garde designs would stand out from the crowd. She believes she is just following how she feels at that moment, what she knows, and what is natural to her as a designer.

She has focused her perspective and made a true defining tale for each piece of clothing she creates declaring her voice for women, and being a woman as one of strength. Sally believes a woman should be intellectually sexy not needing lavish skin exposure to show that she is truly a woman. She wants her client to be taken seriously in the world whilst still holding onto feminine wiles that defines the softer sex.

Sally LaPointe ready to wear Spring / Summer 2013 debut at New York Fashion Week.

The message is clearly one that women of all shape, size and age have been starving for and the clientele speaks volumes in defense of this. Her customer base is wildly diverse ranging from fresh faced fashionistas in their teens and twenties to mature women who are wearing the exact same pieces.

Sally has even attracted the attention of Lady GaGa who has donned her designs and has since requested custom orders for public appearances such as the performance for Oprah‘s final show where GaGa donned a blood red jacket with strong shoulders from the designer.  In her video ‘Judas’, the popstar wears a custom order golden gown as the tides wash up over her like the goddess Venus.  GaGa’s stylist and creative head of Mugler, Nicola Formichetti, had given Sally just four descriptive words for the order, not asking for anything too specific and and she certainly delivered as the internet was set a blaze with buzzing surrounding what she wore.

Lana Del Rey in a Sally LaPointe Spring / Summer 2013 dress in Fashion Magazine Spring 2013 issue.

Sally LaPointe has become part of the life blood of New York City now, well on her way to become one of the legendary American Designers. The once fledgling artist now is taking her turn of serving as fashion inspiration to the new wave of unhatched designers all over the globe.

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Posted on: November 13, 2013