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Musical Robbery

Shakerleg (aka Mark Nicosia), drums, percussion / Isaac Koren, vocals, keyboards / Thorald Koren, vocals, guitar, keyboards

Two brothers from the small town of Adelaide, Australia, found their way to New York and spent a lot of time playing music and driving around in a 1977 VW bus, known as ‘Daisy’ that has no heat.  Around 2003, the Lower East Side’s Katz Delicatessen hosted new addition Shakerleg, Isaac and Thorald Koren aka The Kin. It was one wondrous night that changed everything, as a magical night can often do, it began with a phrase they shouted out, “this is a musical robbery.” The guys filled the room with adrenaline, rock and fun.  Since that show they’ve become known for surprise appearances across the globe, from SXSW to Soho House and even airports. “We’re looking to surprise people and give them a musical experience,” Isaac says. “Or maybe we’re just adrenaline junkies, because it feels like a drug the body is releasing when we make that connection with other human beings based on our music. Even if it’s just for a split second, it’s a rush for everyone involved.”  The Kin refers to their “tour” as a “chain of musical robberies” to perform for their record; P!NK. Australians and Kiwi’s already sent them to the #2 on their charts with a Gold Record!  Legendary producer Tony Visconti, known for his work with David Bowie and T.Rex, has helped the band record the songs that make up their five song EP, ‘GET ON IT,’ released by Interscope.

My favorite thing about this group is Shakerleg’s stick-free, bare-knuckle percussive playing! Yes thats right, he uses no sticks!  The guys share; ”I like the idea of peeling back the layers and sharing our experiences in such a way that everyone in the room becomes ignited themselves. To inspire people to express themselves back is absolutely our mission.”

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Posted on: March 28, 2014