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10 Questions with Behati Prinsloo

Style Seen Daily caught up with the heavenly Victoria’s Secret Angels, Alessandra Ambrosio and Behati Prinsloo as they celebrated the 2014 Swim Collection at The London Hotel in West Hollywood.   With summer just around the corner, these babes brought the heat, shared tips for turning heads at the beach and gave us a sneak peek at the hottest trends in swim!

Victoria’s Secret Celebrates the 2014 Swim Collection Supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio & Behait Prinsloo at The London West Hollywood (March 11, 2014) Photo by SSD Jennifer Searle.

Inspired by #AngelGetaways to the most glamorous beach destinations in the world, the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Swim collection is compromised of styles to show off a woman’s curves.

Victoria’s Secret Angels Alessandra Ambrosio with Style Seen Daily Jennifer Searle at West Hollywood’s London Hotel checking out Victoria’s Secret Swim Collection (March 11, 2014)

New silhouettes include long line bikini tops, rash guards, high-waist bottoms and flounce styles. Big trends in this year’s collection include sexy cut-outs details, lace-up, dangling straps, metallic and hardware accents, and surf inspired shapes.

Victoria’s Secret Angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Behati Prinsloo revealing the Sexiest Styles in the Victoria’s Secret Swim Collection (March 11, 2014)

We sat down with the future Mrs. Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo, to talk about her favorite pieces from the collection, her personal style, music, travel and what inspires this 24-year old Namibian darling.  We discovered this bikini-clad babe is not only bodacious but also big-hearted.

Style Seen Daily’s 10 Questions with Behati Prinsloo


Jennifer Searle, Style Seen Daily (JS): What does style mean to you?   

Behati Prinsloo, Victoria’s Secret Angel (BP): “I think style has a lot to do with a feeling and attitude of who you want to the world to see you as.  My style is very laid back, hippie in a way, but I love the old punk scene.  Beach vibes.  But style is an attitude and tells people who you are.”


JS: What 3 must have items are in your closet right now?

BP: “Right now my 3 key items are these awesome new jeans I just got from TopShop that I can not stop wearing.  I’m into a really comfortable white t-shirt, some jeans and a leather jacket.  That’s my go to.”


JS: Do you have a favorite piece out of the 2014 VS Swim Collection?

BP: “Oh yea, I have tons!  This collection is awesome!  I think this is the first time VS has really done such a vast collection from the high-waist bottoms to the crop tops.  It’s fun, really kind of sporty yet still sexy.   I think the crop top is my favorite!   I also love the long lines and torso in the high-waist bottoms.   I think it’s really awesome!”


JS: How would others describe you? 

BP: “Crazy.  Fun.   I feel like I’m a good friend.   I like to have fun!”


JS: What music inspires you and why?

BP: “Depends on what I am going through in my life but I think reggae is a huge part of my life.  I love The Police!  Obviously, Bob Marley.  I think any music that has a really, real meaning and you can feel it…inspires me; doesn’t matter what it is.  I am a huge reggae chick!”


JS: Do you have a non-profit that’s close to your heart?

BP: “Yea, my dad does a lot of AIDS work in Namibia and I kind of grew up with that whole mentality with charities and stuff.  At the moment, I am really trying save the dolphins and the whales…all of them!  I just recently watched for the 1st time ‘The Cove’ and then ‘BLACKFISH.’  So I kind of want to start something but I don’t know.  I support WWF, the World Wildlife Fund.”


JS:  Let’s talk about your body!  Everyone wants to know your workout regimen.  What are your top three favorite workout activities? 

BP:  “I love yoga!  I love pilates!  I also love if I am at a beach to do stand-up paddle boarding.  I surf a little bit—longboard mainly.  Whatever is available, like beach volleyball if my friends are with me.  Kind of doing what’s available at the time is always fun for me.”


JS: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

BP:  “Probably to South Africa.  I haven’t been there in a few years.  I would go to Cape Town.  I love it there.   If it didn’t take me 35 hours to get there, I would go now. “


JS: Who inspires you the most in your life? 

BP: “Probably my parents!  Family and my friends!   There are so many people that inspire me but it’s the people who are closest to me that inspire me the most.”


JS:  If you are ever down, do you have an inspirational quote that you refer to lift you up?

BP: “Not a specific quote or message.  I just listen to Bob Marley.”


Victoria’s Secret is the fit authority for bras and swimwear; some of the most popular VS bra collections are offered as swimsuits including Bombshell, Very Sexy and Fabulous.  The 2014 Swim collection is available for purchase in the Victoria Secret Swim Catalogue, at, in select Victoria’s Secret stores nationwide and through the iPad and iPhone apps.  Victoria’s Secret also invites you to join in on the fun at   You can also get in on the action on Twitter @VictoriasSecret with #AngelGetaways and on



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Posted on: April 3, 2014