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Grocery Cart Gardens

In San Diego, California abandoned shopping carts are being transformed into mobile farms by artists via the agency Set & Drift, this mobile garden concept is called The Farm Proper.   Urban farming has continued to become popular across the country, but this is the first time I’ve seen a mobile version on wheels!  The Farm Proper is an experimental project created by a collaborative of artists, designers, and backyard growers to inspire urban cultivation and pocket farms. Using abandoned shopping carts, the team has designed carts that grow organic food for the local community – that can be relocated easily anytime.

The concept called “Farm Proper potluck,” is being worked on currently with the intention to offer healthy lunches to locals, like a roaming make your own salad bar. Ideas keep growing too, the team is considering ways to give the carts away to be planted permanently at homes of families in need.  Farm Proper’s dedication and creativity is inspiring, and helping the city to become a greener place, literally.

The team is documenting their findings and failures, and welcome your suggestions. The Farm Proper holds frequent farm activities, seminars and cookouts, anyone is welcome to sign up, just log onto their website for more info.


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Posted on: November 6, 2014