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Piggies: Handcrafted with Love


Years ago my gorgeous and talented friend Kazu shared with me a secret, her Godfather, a miracle worker and Japanese Oncologist, developed a Fulvic acid compound which caused hair regrowth, renewal and a long list of other health benefits. Taking his magical formula she launched a hair care line Phylia de M. (pronounced “Fill – E – Ah”), which has since become a massive hit, all of our friends, friends of friends and major editors were raving about it.  But it was hard work, and the need to decompress lead Kazu back to a memory of her Godmother introducing her to soap-making, through a simple recipe, using pure, organic ingredients.  She began to make that same soap in her free time, unwinding and creating, drawing little cards to match each soap, and so it began, the traditional cold-process soap-making became more than just a gift to give, Kazu launched Piggy Soap for all to buy.

Kazu Namise

“Piggy Soap was really created out of simply fun and love. I began making the soap in my kitchen, as a hobby and as a way to relax while I was first starting my hair care line, Phylia de M. I first made the piggies as a gift and was so pleased with the results.”  Kazu Namise, creator of Piggy Soap

Founded upon the same principals of using natural ingredients to heal the body, Piggy Soap contains Fulphyl, the potent key element in all Phylia de M products, organic oats, moisturizing raw cacao, pure olive, almond, and coconut oils. It is Fragrance Free and hypoallergenic.


Piggy Soap from jessica hundley on Vimeo.

Clever, fun, and wholesome, her soaps make a perfect year round gift, handcrafted with her love, creativity and beauty!

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Posted on: November 17, 2014