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RYOT News: From Passive to Active, The Future of News


Co Founder Bryn Mooser at RYOT’s Venice Headquarters.

Venice based news organization RYOT News doesn’t just serve you the latest reports, but also guides you on how to take part as well.  This inspirational site that encourages you to take part in news is an organization we here at StyleSeenDaily embrace.  Every story posted on is accompanied by an action box, which gives you a way to have an impact on the story, in some cases by donating to a leading organization making a positive impact on the issue, signing a petition, sending a tweet, or just sharing the story itself.

RYOT is not an acronym, but rather a philosophy: In the Hindi language the word Ryot means “peasant”: an untouchable, a person without a voice. The name also stems from the Martin Luther King Jr. quote, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” RYOT’s philosophy is that anyone can make an impact no matter who they are, and also that the nature of the term “riot” is evolving.  RYOT has a productive, rather than destructive energy in the modern era, and is the result of organized effort rather than chaos. Their goal is to embody this philosophy by giving readers a way to not feel helpless, to take action and have an impact on what they read in the news.

RYOT’s “Good” section.

I especially have a fondness for RYOT’s “Good” section which features good news stories that are unique and thought provoking like “Delighted Pit Bulls Play  in a Photo Booth” and ” Are Tiny Houses Solving America’s Housing Problems?”

Bryn Mooser

Co Founder Bryn Mooser named one of Esquire Magazine’s “2012 Americans of the Year” for his work in Haiti. As Country Director for Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), Bryn helped build APJ’s secondary school in Port-au-Prince, which now educates 1,400 Haitian youth per year.  Mooser, nicknamed “wild man” is a self proclaimed gypsy whose background includes flying off to third world counties and living out of a tent, through hurricanes and epidemics, to volunteer and act as a catalyst for change.  Click here to watch A Conversation With Bryn Mooser, produced by our friends at Conscious Commerce.

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Posted on: November 9, 2014