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Energy Artist Julia Watkins

“Wolf Call” by award winning Energy Artist Julia Watkins is meant to provoke our instinctual side and rediscover our connection, instincts and trust through nature. Watkins is known as being one of the most affluent “Energism” painters which is defined by creating colorful works that make us feel connected through an invisible flow of spiritual energy. She is said to be the founder of this art movement and her work is found in Deepak Chopra’s personal collection as well as Anthony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, and the museums of Carnegie Mellon and Children’s Hospital.  Her work has been medically proven to increase happiness, health and well being.

Benefits of this work include; Chakra Balancing via helping you focus the higher energy violet and indigo chakra colors and grounding you with red and yellow, tying divine spirit and intuition to the earthly plane. All the chakra colors balance through swirling energy vortexes within the wolf and emanate through his voice as he howls to the moon, the stars and the aurora borealis.  This piece was designed to help you connect to the universal flow of positive energy represented by its swirls, thereby promoting both higher consciousness and healing. Within each piece is hidden reiki symbology to assist the Reiki practictioner in the healing process. The wolf is a pathfinder, guide and teacher capable of using complex nonverbal communication. The wolf also represents the archetypal force of psychic insight. These attributes are further reinforced within the image by background trees that seem to take on the shapes of ravens. When a raven appears with a wolf the guidance is in the realm of the unseen and sometimes magic.

Like all art, Julia’s work means different things to everyone, but the feedback across the board is that her paintings are uplifting and positive, her style is one that makes a strong impact as she meditates on the energy she wishes to share and send as she works and once you understand your own feelings about her pieces you then understand what she was intending for you.

She is becoming very well known in any type of healers communities across the USA and we hope that soon everyone worldwide will know her and her work. Anything that makes you happier is the right kind of style for us!



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Posted on: June 7, 2015