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Gender Barrier Broken; Enter Pronoun

Ondriona Monty & Natalia Ramirez, Co-Founders & Life Partners

Enter Pronoun, is the very the first collection of the unisex makeup, created by makeup artist Natalia Ramirez, inspired by her passion for ambiguity. Her partner in life and business, marketing guru Ondriona Monty, first shared the collection with us in passing while we chatted “the new Myspace” (where she is currently sharing her genius) and we were intrigued.  Ondriona alone is a motivator and someone who I fell for as soon as we met and began connecting over opinions of the best of Los Angeles, but thats not interesting, Ondriona and Natalia are!  I was lucky enough to capture some of their time so we can learn more about their under one year old beauty brand.  “Enter Pronoun has been brought from concept to fruition with the undying desire to usher in a new era where beauty is re-defined and reclaimed by the individual.”

SSD: Where did the idea for Enter Pronoun start, and its naming?

Natalia: I saw a gap in the market for products that work equally as well for men and women. Whenever I did men’s makeup on shoots, I always used different products for them, and still wasn’t satisfied with the end result. That is when I started to think about creating my own unisex line. The name Enter Pronoun comes from a friend’s painting which depicts two unidentifiable figures kissing. I thought it was really cool to play with the English language alongside the products.

SSD: Who