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Elizabeth Fieldcamp’s Gypsy Collection

Blaire Geode Stone Necklace by Elizabeth Fieldcamp’s Gypsy Collection

Our lovely friend Catherine Fieldcamp Bowman dresses celebrities, her husband Marty produces movies  (you may have heard of “Twilight” or “Dear John“), and her sister, Elizabeth Fieldcamp, creates these unique pieces for her own line Gypsy Collection. This particular necklace shown here is made with a Blaire Geode stone, and is said to have healing powers. The vibratory power of stones, has been held in high esteem since ancient times by the Magi, Alchemists, Quabalists, Astrologers, Egyptian Priests, and Healers – all have valued, studied, and taught the virtues of powers attributed to stones.  These types of Stones are used in ceremony, ritual and spellwork to enchance ones aura and/or to be used in conjunction with other items like herbs and talismans, to help bring about ones wishes, or to represent certain influences of nature.

Geodes specifically are known for holding intended energy and are helpful with meditating, they’re said to bring awareness to what our soul purpose is, allowing one to see the whole picture, while giving guidance for decisions. It is a favorite of people that are in healing fields, as it assists in astral travels. Overall they sooth and de-stress, aiding in spirituality and psychism support.

Elizabeth obviously has selected some incredible stones that give special support, if you believe in that, and we of course do.  She listens to her muses or guides if you will – that is – those who inspire her,  channeling their inspirations into