Drew McAnany

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Official Style Seen Daily Contributor

Brief Bio
There isn’t a film or TV show Drew McAnany doesn’t know about. If there is, he’ll give you $5 or surely lie about seeing it before he admits his defeat. Hitting the Hollywood scene only a year ago to pursue his dream of producing and writing films, he quickly fell into the world of online journalism, both in writing and in hosting. Drew was responsible for all of the editorial work on TheLookTV.com, the new online venture from the creator of E! Entertainment Television, Alan Mruvka. While there, he branched out and started interviewing celebrities on the red carpet for the networks series, On The Scene. In addition to hosting, he also produced two other shows featured, Fashion Diva & DIY.

Hometown: Philadelphia

Twitter: twitter.com/drewman6919

Favorite Color: Blue & Green

Favorite Wardrobe Item: Jeans

Favorite Place to Travel: San Antonio… seriously!

Favorite Things to Do: Party, write, watch movies, ride the bus

Favorite Concert: Coldplay

Favorite Movie: Donnie Darko, Southland Tales, Heathers, The Departed

Favorite Celebrity: Al Pacino

Favorite Quote: “Live Life to the Fullest”