Kat Perez Fraga

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Official Style Seen Daily Contributor

Brief Bio
Somewhere on the spectrum between Betty Crocker and Bond girl, Kathryn is a mom, a digital executive, and all-around endless ball of energy. Don't let the high heels fool you, this Michigan native can frequently be found on a muddy trail or singing with the band. She learned how to cook from hours in the kitchen with her mother as a child, and is a passionate advocate for healthy, homemade food as an everyday way to nurture the ones you love. Her book, "How To Love To Cook," will be available this summer. In her spare time from being mom to a very active preschooler, Kathryn runs the social media division of LA-based creative agency Heavenspot (www.heavenspot.com) working with clients like Netflix, Warner Bros., and Twentieth Century Fox on what's new and next in social media.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/katpf