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Meet Green Friendly Jewelry Designer Alberto Parada

Best known for sustainable fine jewelry with simplistic designs, self- taught designer, Alberto Parada transforms luxury jewelry with reclaimed gold, ethically sourced gems, and conflict-free diamonds. These high quality, environmentally, and socially responsible jewels are loved and seen on numerous famous women, including Vanessa Williams, Milla Jovovich and Jenny McCarthy. Parada's jewelry is handcrafted and manufactured in the United States using natural, environmentally friendly materials of the highest quality. With a strong commitment to the earth's future, Alberto is proud of his recognition as a green designer and looks forward to bringing more attention to eco-consciousness in the jewelry industry. Alberto chooses 100 percent recycled gold so his jewelry does not contribute to the environmental destruction and waste caused by precious-metal mining. Aberto chooses to craft his jewelry using only conflict-free diamonds and fair-trade gems. Parada credits his South American heritage and cultural background as the inspiration for many of his pieces. His jewelry can be found in Readers Fine Jewelry in Santa Monica and Glendora Village Goldsmith in Glendora. For more, visit his web site,